The End of the Pie-atus

My friends, it’s been too long. Last time we met, things were said. Feelings were hurt. Dreams were crushed. In my heart of hearts I thought it was over. I thought I would never again have the strength to blog about anything, much less about that sweetest (or savouriest) of topics, pie. Here I am, my friends, eating humble pie, and apologising for my long absence.

It’s 2018 and we’re moving into a new age of pie-eating, pie-cooking, and pie-buying. New for this year, piedayfriday will feature a reviews section and a recipe section, to help readers with their quest for the best pie yet.

If anyone should stumble upon a fascinating recipe or outstanding pie joint, please feel free to submit it to us in return for a gentle nod and a friendly expression of gratitude. (Please note that both nods and thankses will be delivered in gif format.)

Here’s to a new year/new me new pie/new bloggery!


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