As much as we may seem it, we here at Pie Day Friday are not yet completely infallible. Though our hilarious blog and well thought out ideology might make us seem wiser than the average pierate, the sad truth is that sometimes we need your help to figure stuff out.

Below are links to previous surveys for your enjoyment and information, and your participation in the current survey will help Pie Day Friday in its journey towards omniscience.

What makes a pie?

We all know what isn’t a pie (fruit, ice cream, my Czech homework), but what exactly is a pie? A quiche? A birds’ nest? A calzone? Time for another survey!

Pies Globally

Have you ever wondered if there’s anything else out there? So have we. We asked our fellow Pieoneers whether they believed pies exist outside our fair Albion.

Who are you?

Have you ever wondered how to identify yourself and your fellow pie-lovers? So have we. We asked everyone who has ever pied on a Friday what to call each other.

Which Pie?

It’s a question as old as time. In this pionic survey, we explore what pies tickle your taste buds, and how much we fucked up by not making steak and potato an option.