Pie Review: The Church House at Sutton


I went to the Church House at Sutton expecting, at best, a limp surf and turf. I can hardly describe my joy, then, when the waitress gestured to a chalkboard with today’s homemade pies – steak and ale; and steak, Guinness and Stilton. Suffice it to say a toast or two was made.

I opted for the latter pie, which set me back £10.50, and settled into a chair by the fire with a glass or two of wine, awaiting my meal.

20180112_194118Filling: There was an excellent meat:gravy ratio and the steak was so tender it fell apart at the touch of my fork. The Stilton was excellent, but, in true blue cheesy fashion, did overpower the flavour of the Guinness, so that it might as well have just been a non-branded ale, steak and Stilton.

Crust: Very good. Whilst crumbly on the outside, the pastry was delightfully soft inside. It did not fall into the trap of sacrificing structure for softness, however, and acted as a good container for the filling.

Gravy: Yes; a lot.

Sides: Tasty, probably homemade chips that were well crisped and a lovely golden brown. A good array of boiled or steamed seasonal vegetables, although I did end up leaving most of the cabbage.20180112_194138

Atmosphere: In typical village pub fashion, the venue was full to bursting, but there was a convivial atmosphere and a good deal of good-natured bantering. The pub itself was cosy if a little peeling in parts, and the toilets were very cold. I know that doesn’t sound relevant to this blog, but everyone knows pie and warm toilets go hand in hand. 

Overall Expierience: 8/10

Overall, a very reliable pie. Slightly let down by cabbage, cold toilets, and too strong a flavour of Stilton.